Multi-Touch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard

As interesting as this patent seems I don’t know whether or not I would really use these gestures. The backspace one and the return one seems incredibly intuitive but that might be as far as this patent will go in terms of real world uses. Multi-Touch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard – Mac Rumors.

Asus Offers Eee Branded Keyboard, Mouse, and Remote

According to Eee PC News, ASUS is gearing up to ship an Eee-branded wireless keyboard / mouse combo in both black and white motifs, and if that’s still not enough Eee to cure your fever, the multi-function remote should handle those media center duties with ease. ASUS offers up branded keyboard / mouse combo, remote […]

The need for iPhone app folders and search is quickly approaching. No Thank You.

Dear MG Siegler, Why the heck do you have 9 pages worth of applications? I understand that it is nice to have all of your applications with you at all times but I guarantee that you don’t use any more than 3 pages worth of them on a regular basis. I personally only have 2 […]