Update All Option Returns in iPhone Firmware 2.2

If you remember back when iPhone firmware 2.0.2 came out an option was removed from the App Store, you could no longer “Update All” from the iPhone. This feature seemed to be disabled because it was causing some of the problems with buggy apps and nearly constant crashing (I didn’t have those problems of course). […]

iPhone 2.2 Software Update Now Available

Just connect your iPhone to your computer and click “Check for updates” in iTunes. Here’s what Apple has to say about the update: This update contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following: Enhancements to Maps -Google Street View -public transit and walking directions -display address of dropped pins -share location via email Enhancements […]

DisplayPort MacBooks Showing HDCP Errors While Playing iTunes Content

Apparently some of the content in the iTunes store (from what I can tell, only the HDTV shows) have HDCP which means that if you want to connect one of those brand new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Airs to a non-HDCP compliant display that uses DVI or HDMI your not going to be able […]

Netflix Announces “HD-DVDs Are Going Away”

We all knew that HD-DVD was dead but you have still been able to purchase new HD-DVDs an have also been able to rent HD-DVDs from places like Netflix. But Netflix has officially announced that HD-DVDs will be “going away.” Starting December 15, 2008 Netflix will no longer be carrying HD-DVDs. Netflix will automatically replace […]

More Confirmation of Podcast Downloads in iPhone Firmware 2.2

Some more screenshots have hit the web that seem to confirm that iPhone firmware 2.2 will in fact enable downloading of podcasts directly to the device. These new screenshots, published on “Flo’s Weblog,” show the ability to download these pocasts even over the 3G network. The new functionality will let users browse podcasts from within […]

Apple Tells Mac Mini Enthusiast to Be Patient

Currently this is just a rumor and I haven’t found any confirmation of it yet but allegedly a Mac Mini enthusiast sent an email to Bob Mansfield, Mac hardware engineering chief, regarding the possible demise of the product. Mansfield didn’t personally reply but a colleague did reply, not stating a time table for a Mac […]