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Apple Rumors: Blu-ray Drives in Macs, iWork ’09, iLife ’09, and a Networked HDTV

Although Apple’s invitation clearly stated that they will be talking about notebooks there have been several rumors lately that have cropped up and many of them coming from fairly reliable sources.

Kevin Rose said in the latest live Diggnation episode (not currently available for download) that Blu-ray drives would become an option for high end MacBook Pros. Kevin Rose has been incredibly accurate lately with his predictions and has also previously stated that Blu-ray support would be coming in version 10.5.6 of OS X.

There have been many predicting that we might see some early signs of iLife and iWord ’09 but I don’t really see much validity to these rumors and see them merely as wishful thinking.

Jason Calacanis is even saying that he knew first-hand that Apple has been working on a networked television.

“These LCD HDTVs will be fully networked, with the ability to stream all their iTunes content from your Mac or PC. In fact, Calacanis told me they’ll function like a standard TV with an Apple TV box, only without the need for the box.” –Nate Lanxon, CNET.

I’m pretty sure that if this was announced Apple would have to also announce new Cinema Displays because I don’t know if I would be able to deal with the outcry from customers complaining about how Apple is capable of releasing an HDTV but hasn’t been able to rev the displays in years.

This is how these events always go though, more and more rumors and speculation than the event could ever contain and because of that inevitably, people will be terrible disappointed. I on the other hand expect nothing more than new notebooks and to be honest, if that was all Apple was to show off I would be very satisfied. And besides, there is always Macworld.

Update: has posted some higher quality images of the MacBook and MacBook Pro cases. A couple of them are below and you can see the rest of them here.

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Apple Invites Media to Cupertino For Notebook Event On Oct. 14

Yesterday Apple finally sent out invites to an event that will be held in Cupertino, CA on October 14 at 10am Pacific time. The tag line for the event is “the spotlight turns to notebooks.” So, clearly we will be getting new notebooks.

The rumors are saying that we will be getting new designs for MacBooks and MacBook Pros. There is a possibility that the new MacBook will be priced at $799 on the low end separating it from the MacBook Pro line.

9 to 5 Mac is claiming that we won’t be getting all aluminum MacBooks but instead the new design will be made from both plastic and aluminum with the aluminum acting almost as a skeleton for the notebook.

There have also been some rumors stating that there will be a 13″ MacBook Pro that will have all the features of the MacBook Pro but with a much smaller display.

I personally believe that we will be getting new MacBooks and MacBook Pros and I subscribe to the 9 to 5 Mac theory stating that the new MacBooks will be made from plastic and aluminum.

Images of the leaked MacBook cases after the jump.

Blu-Ray Media

Netflix Charges More For Blu-ray Disc Rentals

Netflix has officially announced that they are adding a $1 per month charge to all users who rent Blu-ray discs from the service.

“Blu-ray movies are more expensive than standard definition movies,” Netflix said in a email sent to customers on Wednesday.

The fee will appear in November and anyone who does not want to be charged the extra dollar can opt out of receiving Blu-ray discs.

I’m not surprised by this at all, Netflix isn’t doing this to screw its customers because it actually does cost them more money to purchase Blu-ray discs. Let’s be honest though, it’s only $1 and it seems like just a few months ago when Netflix decided to lower the price of many of its plans (including mine, which went from about $19.50 per month to about $18.35).

I currently don’t receive Blu-ray discs from Netflix because I don’t have a Blu-ray player but I’m asking for one for Christmas and if Santa decides that I was good this year I’ll be happy to pay the extra $1 per month to get all the high-def discs I can eat (or play in a single month).

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Official Blackberry Storm Press Shots

And finally, here are some official press shots of the Blackberry Storm. The device looks very pretty but I don’t find myself wanting one, it might be the fact that it can’t sync with all of my media (since it is all in iTunes) and it might be that the user interface isn’t quite up to the iPhone’s standards but whatever the case I’m sure this will make quite a few of you out there very happy.

The unit will have 128MB of RAM, 1GB of built in memory, a 1400mAh battery with 15 days standby and 5.5 hours of talk time (I find those numbers a little hard to believe), Dual-band 800/19–MHz CMA/EV-DO Rev A or Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 2100MHz HSDPA.

The handset also has a 3.2 Megapixel camera which seems like it is going to be the new standard for high end smartphones. Along with the 1GB of internal memory the Storm will also come with an 8GB microSD card.

NOt a bad spec sheet but like all other phones you really need to reserve judgement until you get your hands on one. I haven’t been able to pin point an exact release date for the phone (since the press release I looked at didn’t specify one, it just says sometime next month) but I might end up being the first one in my local Verizon store just to check one of these out.

Blackberry Storm

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Will There Be New MacBooks Next Week?

Apple always sends invitations to events a week in advance and if the rumors are true we should be seeing invitations sent out tomorrow. New designs are always showcased on stage by Steve Jobs and “the brick” rumors are really pointing a big change to the design of MacBooks.

Not only should we be seeing a change to the design of the MacBook but we should also be seeing faster processors, the inclusion of Nvidia graphics processors, more memory, and bigger hard drives. This is truly worthy of an event and the rumors are pointing to Oct 14.

The MacBook Pro is also supposed to be seeing a bit of a design change and some updates under the hood. I haven’t been able to find any information talking specifically about what we will be seeing under the hood but a slightly thinner design, smaller bezel around the display, and new MacBook style keyboard are some of the design aspects to keep an eye out for.

The Brick will be a new manufacturing process for the MacBook (and possibly the MacBook Pro and Air). This new manufacturing process is supposed to revolutionize the use of Aluminum in manufacturing and according to 9 to 5 Mac is “One of the biggest Apple innovations in a decade.”

If this is all true we are in for quite a treat and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw big price drops in the notebooks, maybe $100-200 off in the new lineup. Since Apple gives invitations out a week in advance we should be seeing them tomorrow inviting all of the press to some sort of event on Oct 14.

9 to 5 Mac

Gaming Pirating

EA Doesn’t Think Pirated Copies Of Spore Mean Lost Sales

EA may have the whole DRM thing wrong but they seem to be on the right track when it comes to they’re opinions on piracy.

An EA rep:

“Stepping aside from the whole issue of DRM, people need to recognize that every BitTorrent download doesn’t represent a successful copy of a game, let alone a lost sale…. We’ve talked to people that made several unsuccessful attempts to download the game and ended up with incomplete, slow, buggy, or unusable code. In one case, a file identified as Spore contained a virus.”

Well, they’re half right. On one side they are correct not all and maybe not even most of the people who download Spore from Bittorrent represent a lost sale, but they are clearly wrong by making it seem like a lot of the people who download it end up with the game not working.

It’s not difficult to download Spore from a BitTorrent network and have it working in just a few hours and anyone who downloads it and ends up with a virus should really spend a couple of minutes looking around before they download the first torrent they see (which by the way, if you search for “spore” on The Pirate Bay, the first result is in fact a working copy of the game).


Apple Application iPhone iPod

My 10 Geekiest iPhone Apps

These are no particular order and 2 of them aren’t able to be purchased anymore.

  1. Air Sharing ($6.99) – Air Sharing is one of the applications on this list that I actually haven’t had much use for. I originally downloaded it when it was first released to the App Store because it was available for free then and I figured I should download it. The app is very interesting, it allows you to share files with your iPhone over the network so essentially it turns your iPhone into a wireless network drive with the ability to view those files on the device itself. I haven’t had much use for it though becasue I surprisingly don’t spend a lot of time with documents. Most of my work is done in the browser and the rare occasions when I use any type of document it doesn’t really make much sense to really take that on the go with me. But, you can’t deny that it isn’t geeky.
  2. Byline ($9.99) – Byline is an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader. The greatest thing about being a geek is always knowing what’s going on in the particluar space you are a geek for (like tech) I spend hours reading about the latest and greatest and Byline helps me do that wherever I am.
  3. NetShare (Unavailable) – NetShare might be the ultimate in geeky iPhone apps, especially since it is no longer available in the App Store. NetShare let’s you share your iPhones internet connection (EDGE, or 3G) over Wifi with other computers. It’s a little difficult to get it set up with all the applications that you may use but once it is working it is almost magical.
  4. Pandora Radio (Free) – All the geeks I know love music and one of their primary ways of discovering new music is through Pandora. Just put in the name of a song or band you like and Pandora will make a custom internet radio station with songs similar to your input.
  5. Podcaster (Unavailable) – Podcaster was actually one of those apps that was rejected from the App Store but if you were lucky enough to purchase it before Apple took the developers ability to distribute away you are probably one happy camper. The app let’s you take iTunes out of the equation in regards to podcast aggregation, downloading the podcasts directly to the device rather than to your computer then syncing with your device. It makes podcast consumption just that much easier.
  6. Remote (Free) – An Apple developed application it lets you control your iTunes library over the network, almost mimicing the iPod app on the iPhone except the content is played through the computer iTunes is installed on. Combining this with a couple of Airport speakers makes whole home audio a breeze.
  7. Simplify Media (Free) – Simplify Media was one of those cool apps on the desktop that let’s you share your iTunes library with your friends over the internet, but with the iPhone app you can view those shared libraries on your iPhone. Listen to music on your home computer over the internet or listen to a friends iTunes library instead.
  8. Spore Origins ($9.99) – All of us geeks seem to love Spore (that is unless they are hardcore gamers, in that case they criticize the game for being 5 poorly made games slapped together into one box) but Spore Origins is the mini sized version of that game (only allowing you to do, in my opinion, the second most fun part of the full game). Spore Origins lets you do the entire cell section of the game, with beautiful graphics and great sound it’s the go to demo for the geek who wants to show off their cool gadget (and we all know we like showing off our cool new gadgets).
  9. Star Wars The Force Unleashed ($9.99) – It’s a Star Wars game, on the iPhone, do I have to explain why this is geeky?
  10. Summizer ($2.99) – Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, all day long, but what if you not only want to see what your friends are saying but want to know what everyone is saying about a specific topic, that’s where Summizer comes in. It let’s you search Twitter from your iPhone and save those searches that you perform regularly. Want to know what people are saying about Sarah Palin? That’s exactly what Summizer is for.