iPhone iPod Rants

Why I No Longer Need My iPods

Just like many other geeks I have 3 iPods and now an iPhone but what I’ve realized is that since the App Store released I really no longer need all those iPods.

The reason I’ve been keeping my iPod around is for the games and the ability to output video to a TV with my 5G iPod. I’ve kept my 1G iPod Nano around to listen to music or podcasts as I go to sleep and I’ve kept my iPod Shuffle around to listen to music in the car (through a cassette tape adapter).

But, I don’t really need all of those, I now have all the games I could ever want on my iPhone, which can also output video to a TV (although most of that work is being done by my Apple TV). I can listen to music or podcasts as I go to sleep with my iPhone and with a $7 adapter I’ve been able to connect my iPhone to that same exact cassette tape adapter to listen to music in the car.

I will still probably keep my iPod Nano so that when the battery on my iPhone is a little low I can still listen to stuff without having to purchase a Mophie Juice Pack.

It has reached the point where I the iPhone is practically the only device I need. And, getting rid of some of my old iPods would really help me clean out some of the drawers in my office.

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