Lower Priced MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the Possibility of Cheaper iPod Touchs

At Apple’s earnings call it was mentioned that Apple would be having a product transition soon and that it would have to lower margins because of it. That of course caused a wildfire in the blogosphere with speculation of everything from a Mac tablet to cheaper notebooks. The two possibilities that make the most sense […]

Review of WordPress Application for iPhone

Early this morning Automattic’s native iPhone application, WordPress was released. The app doesn’t have too many features other then being able to create posts, save local (as in, on the iPhone) drafts, editing, posts, and changing of post status. I haven’t seen any major bugs, the one that I did find though is that when […]

Michael Arrington Starts Open Source “Firefox Tablet” Project

Michael Arrington has asked for help building a web tablet the idea is to have an open source tablet that runs Linux with Firefox or Skype on top of it as it’s main apps. The tablet would be “as thin as possible, run low end hardware and has a single button for powering it on […]