One of the frustrations I’ve found with iPhone gaming is that you have to listen to the games music instead of what is currently playing in the iPod app. I’m sure you probably had a similar experience, you purchase your first game, turn on some music, open the game and your music fades out and pauses.

Well luckily there is a work around, it doesn’t work for all games but it does work with some of them.

  1. Make sure you have the iPod controls turned on when you double tap the home button.
  2. Start the music you’d like to listen to (or podcast, which is what I usually do).
  3. Open the game you would like to play.
  4. In the games settings turn off all sounds and set the volume sliders to as low as possible.
  5. Hit the lock button on the top of your iPhone.
  6. Double tap the home screen button for the iPod controls and hit play.
  7. Hit the lock button on the top once to turn the screen off and a second time to turn the screen back on.
  8. Slide to unlock and your game should show up on screen.

Now if this work around is usable on the game your playing the music should continue if not it will fade out, pause, and your out of luck.

I’ve found that it doesn’t work with Scrabble or Sudoku but does work with De Blob and Apple’s Texas Hold’em.

It doesn’t really make amy sense why the game makes the audio from the iPod app turn off unless the OS needs more memory for the game and tells the iPod app to quit. But, you would think there would be a way for developers to do some sort of check like if iPod music is playing mute gameplay audio, or something like that.

If you find another game that it does or doesn’t work with leave a comment and let us all know.

Update – GTS World racing actually has exactly what I want, it has the ability to disable game audio so that you can listen to your own audio from It’s amazing to me that their aren’t any more iPhone games that allow you to do this. I just wish it was as easy as writing a line of code that checks to see if is playing, if so disable game audio.