iPhone Recovery Mode, How To

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There is an updated version of these instructions which can be found here. Since so many people have been having trouble with their iPhones I figured I would do a quick how to on putting your iPhone into recovery mode. Now this is your last line of defense so don’t jump to this step immediately, […]

MagicPad’s Copy and Paste Demoed on Video UPDATE

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MagicPad is still awaiting approval to be in the App Store but what’s interesting about this application is that it includes the ability to copy and paste. You can also change the font, font size, color, apply text affects as well. This is an interesting idea but I don’t like how you select text because […]

How To Listen To Music On Your iPhone During iPhone Games -Update

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One of the frustrations I’ve found with iPhone gaming is that you have to listen to the games music instead of what is currently playing in the iPod app. I’m sure you probably had a similar experience, you purchase your first game, turn on some music, open the game and your music fades out and […]

Gameplay Video of StarSmasher for the iPhone UPDATE

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John Bowers of EsperssoSoft is the developer behind an upcoming game for the iPhone called StarSmasher. The game is a 3D space shooter that let’s you fly through space shooting up rocks and (seemingly) other space ships. The game is modeled after Star Fox and uses the accelerometer for controlling flight with tap controls for […]

Review of Tap Tap Revenge For the iPhone

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If you remember my review of the iPod game Phase you’ll remember how much I love rhythm games. Tap Tap Revenge is just that, music plays and as notes come down from above you must tap on them as they cross over a line, if you hit it on time you get points, if you […]

HP Getting Ready To Debut a Cheaper Mini-Note

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HP released my favorite netbook the Mini-Note 2133 in April but my one problem with it was its price. For $499 you get a 1GHz VIA C7-M processor, 512MB of memory, a 4GB flash drive, and Linux and although the build quality almost makes up for it, I wouldn’t purchase it because it’s a little […]

Disable Automatic iPhone Backups

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Everyone complains about how long it takes to backup their iPhone when syncing, (it takes a while for me to but I try not to complain too much). The first solution to this problem that I would suggest is taking some applications off of your iPhone, the apps on the phone the longer it will […]

Apple Seeding Firmware 2.1 to Developers

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Yesterday Apple released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers. Along with the 2.1 beta firmware a new version of the iPhone SDK has also been seeded. The new beta versions cannot be used to submit applications to the App Store at the moment, this may be due to some changes in the […]

Western Digital Introduces 2.5″ 300GB 10,000 RPM VelociRaptor Hard Drive

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Western Digital released a 320GB VelociRaptor a few months ago which was essentially a 10,000 RPM 2.5″ hard drive in an enclosure that was 3.5″ which left me wondering how long it would take for Western Digital to release a true 2.5″ version of it. The day has finally come, Western Digital is soon beginning […]

Buggy iPhone Firmware 2.0 Follow-Up

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I just wanted to do a little follow-up regarding the bugs in firmware 2.0 for the iPhone. I’m still hearing a lot of people complaining about crashes and needing to do full restores. In my previous post I talked about limiting the number of apps you have on your phone at a time and I […]

Apple Soon To Be Allowing Developers To Have App Store Beta Programs

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One of the biggest issues developers have had with building App Store apps is that they can’t release betas to users. But, Apple is going to be fixing this problem by allowing developers to have closed beta programs with up to 100 users. The beta apps will still be distributed through the App Store and […]

Nokia N96 For Sale This September

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Have you checked out the iPhone 3G and you’re not really impressed? Maybe you should check out the Nokia N96. The successor to the N95 (everyones favorite do everything phone) will be released in September. The phone weighs 125g has HSDPA and 16GB of memory. It’s not the most exciting news to me but for […]

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