How Yahoo is Way Ahead of the Curve in Location Based Services

Many people think that Yahoo isn’t that good at putting new products infront of users and monetizing it, and they’re right. But, what they don’t realize is that Yahoo is way ahead of the curve in location based services and they don’t have to put it infront of users because other developers will. The product […]

Rogers Reminds Me That Data Plans in the US Aren’t That Bad

Rogers has announced the pricing for the iPhone plans and it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. So what they’re saying is that the absolute maximum amount of data you can use without paying horrible overage fees is 2GB! Come on now Rogers, I don’t even live in Canada and I’m offended by […]

Asus Eee 901 and 1000 Shipping on July 8 in US?

A reader of Liliputing called the Asus pre-sales department and asked when the Eee PC 901 was going to ship in the US and without hesitation the rep said that it would be shipping on July 8. After hearing about this Liliputing called Asus themselves and asked the same question and made sure to also […]

iPhone 2.0 To Have Over The Air Firmware Upgrade And FM Tuner Support

Users who have used the latest iPhone 3G firmware say that the device will have support for over the air firmware upgrades and FM radio support of some kind. The FM radio support means that the new firmware would let iPhone users use the iPod Radio Remote along with other accessories that will let users […]

Region Free Blu-Ray Players Now Available

A website is now selling what it claims to be region-free Blu-Ray players. The site wants €499 ($785), for the Panasonic DMP-BD30. The price for this player, unmodded, is around $475 so you’re paying quite the premium for the ability to play Blu-Ray discs from other regions. If you’re good with a soldering iron you […]

iPhone Software 2.0 Going Gold Friday

According to Gizmodo’s “sources inside of Cupertino,” the iPhone software update that was originally supposed to be released in late June and then later was set to release in early July may be going gold on Friday. Gizmodo says “keep in mind that this date is tentative,” which basically means that if it doesn’t happen […]

NBC and Wavexpress to Provide Olympics Video Downloads to Vista Users

NBC is partnering with Wavexpress to provide “Olympics On the Go.” Vista Media Center users will be able to subscribe to their favorite events and they will be downloaded automatically to their PCs or laptops through TVTonic. The clips will be in “up to HD quality” (which most likely means that practically all of them […]

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Screenshots

Some screenshots of Apple’s Snow Leopard have shown up online. The screenshots show that “Save as Web Application…” has been added to Safari 4 and Address Book now has hooks into Microsoft Exchange. The “Save as Web Application” isn’t too surprising, with Google Gears and Firefox 3 now having similar functionality that web developers can […]