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Asus Eee Box Details

The Asus Desktop Eee PC has been a long time coming (a few months at least!) and Asus has finally given some actual info on the computer.

The name of it is now the Asus Eee Box, the computer will be available worldwide in July with both Linux and Windows XP versions. The cheapest model will be priced at $330 and have a 80GB hard drive (250GB max) 802.11n Wifi, 4 USB ports, and a card reader.

There is no word yet on what processor the Eee Box will have but one would assume it will be packing an Atom CPU just like it’s notebook brother.


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Sony Ericsson Promo Video Confirms Info on Paris Handset

This latest Sony Ericsson Paris Promo video confirms some information about the upcoming phone.

It will have some kind of weather widget, it will have Google Maps, and it will also (presumably) have a 5 megapixel camera.

The phone looks darn good, can’t wait to get full specs and information on the device.

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Mac OS X 10.5.3 Allows iPhone Users to Sync Contacts With Google

With the release of Mac OS X 10.5.3 iPhone users (and anyone else) can now sync their Address Book contacts with Google Contacts. Within the Address Book Preferences, under General, you now have the option to Synchronize with Google.

Just check the box, it will ask you for your Google account and password and from now on every time you sync your iPhone your address book will also be synced with Google.

It really looks like Apple is trying to make it as easy as possible for users to get their data wherever they want it. Although many people think that Apple never wants to play with anyone else this clearly shows that Apple is interested in doing what consumers want.

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Dell Mini Inspiron, Dell’s First Ultraportable

Brian Lam of Gizmodo ran into Michael Dell at All Things D and saw a pretty interesting little laptop that Dell is developing.

The notebook is Dell’s first ultraportable and is developed with low cost and developing countries in mind. The notebook came from Dell’s IdeaStorm (where customers can go and give Dell ideas for products).

The notebook had three USB ports, a card reader, VGA out, and ethernet. There is no information as to pricing or what operating system it will be running but the thing looks like a very worthy competitor to HPs MiniNote 2133.

Dell Your Blog


Amazon to Begin Video On Demand Streaming Service

Jeff Bezos of has announced at the All Things D conference that within the next couple of weeks, Amazon will be launching a streaming movie service that users will pay for.

“We are working on a new version of video on demand, a for-pay streaming service we will release in the next couple of weeks. The streaming service will start instantly and it’s a la carte, for pay.” -Jeff Bezos

This service will be similar to the Amazon Unbox service but instead of downloading the videos they would be streamed to your computer over the internet.

There is no word on pricing, quality, or what will actually be available but I have to be honest, unless Amazon gets more recent titles then what Netflix has, why would anyone use the Amazon service.

Amazon seems to want to compete with everyone on the net which will surely keep their growth but the major question with all of these recent Amazon announcements is: are they going to lose focus and end up doing a lot of things ok instead of a few things really well?


Blu-Ray Media Rants

Blu-ray Players Outsell DVD Players in Japan Last Month

Although many people believe that Blu-ray is too little too late (I don’t agree with them) Blu-ray players actually outsold DVD players in Japan last month.

I’m not sure what this means to us Americans, Japan usually seems to be ahead in these types of situations and it may take us a little longer to purchase new players but once we do I think it will be another 3-5 years before the real consumers start to take a serious look at downloading content.

I know, I know, for me to say that may seem harsh but trust me I talk to the average consumer, living in up-state New York doesn’t have too many perks but not surrounding myself with early adopters like those in San Francisco is one of them. The average consumer doesn’t even consider the idea of downloading a movie off of the internet. They may know that it can be done, possibly from talking to one of their younger family members, but they wouldn’t even think twice about it, when the average consumer wants a movie they have two options, head to Blockbuster or head to Wal-Mart.


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Xperia X1 Specs Detailed in White Paper

Sony Ericsson’s white papers have detailed quite a bit about the Xperia X1 and this latest one offers details on the specs of the handset. The device will ship with 256MB of SDRAM, 512MB of NAND Flash, 10 hours of GSM talk time or 6.5 hours using UMTS.

The battery life on this thing sounds really good but if you are making video calls it will dip down to 3.1 hours and will take 3.5 hours to fully charge.

The phone is still set for a September release and when it does I’m sure it won’t sell well but, will be every Geeks super phone of choice (that is unless they have an iPhone).

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3G iPhone Spyshots?

No. Sorry guys but this doesn’t seem to be the 3G iPhone, the first thing that tipped me off is the fact that the form factor seems to be exactly the same as the current iPhone, which I don’t see Apple doing. The second thing that tipped me off was the fact that there was no writing on the back of the device saying anything like “Designed by Apple in California.”

If you are wondering what this actually is you may want to check on a company called ColorWare PC (iPhone page), they take computers and devices, paint them, and resell them to customers.

I don’t want to get too far into this rant but I am extremely frustrated by the fact that big blogs like Engadget are constantly posting things like this that are so obviously fake and yet they post it anyway. I understand that it brings a lot of traffic but please stop posting things like this.

MacFreak (via Engadget)

Random Tech

Amazon Kindle Now Costs $359

What seems to be everyones favorite eBook reader the Kindle which was originally priced at $399 is now priced at $359.

I was pretty happy once they finally got it back in stock after being out of stock for nearly 6 months.

I don’t know if they were finally able to get the quantities to the point where they could sell it cheaper but they are selling it for less. This will surely help them fight against the Sony Reader which sells for $299, keep in mind that the Sony Reader doesn’t have a lifetime of EVDO access.

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Nvidia Coming With Two CPU Lines

In case you haven’t heard already Nvidia is planning to get into the CPU market and word recently came out saying that they would actually have two lines of CPUs that should be coming out on or shortly after June 3rd.

No one at the Inquirer was actually invited to this week’s reviewers day which means that they didn’t sign the NDA, I’m not sure how they ended up getting the information but the new CPUs are the Tegra APX 2500 and CSX 600/650.

The Tegra APX 2500 is aimed at handheld devices and comes in a 144mm squared package and can do 720p encoding and decoding at 14MBps. The processor supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and can do AA and AF.

The CSX 600 and 650 is aimed at systems that are between handheld and laptop size that run Windows CE (the processor isn’t x86). The chip has 256K of L2 cache and can be die stacked to keep the footprint small. This one runs at 700-800MHz and will support 1080p at 24fps.

More information about these CPUs should trickle out as more and more journalists come out of NDA but this is a pretty good start.


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World’s Smallest Projector from Earth Trek

Earth Trek recently released the world’s smallest projector, the 90-805R mini projector. The projector features a card slot (SD/T-flash card), built in lithium battery for 1-2 hours of use, built in speaker, MP4 player, and is capable of a 22″ diagonal projection.

The actual device itself measures 105x58x25mm and only weighs 160g.

This is a great little deice that would be really handy for presentations or watching a movie in a small room. There doesn’t seem to be any word on pricing yet but I’m sure it can’t cost too much.

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Solid State Storage

Samsung Announces 256GB SSD

Samsung recently announced a 256GB SSD, the MLC-flash SATA II drive has speeds of 200MBps read and 160MBps sequential write.

Samsung claims that this is the largest capacity SSD with a SATA II interface, they are also stating mean time before failures of 1 million hours. Power consumption is down to 0.9 watts in “active mode.”

The drives will be available in September with a 1.8″ version due in Q4.

No word on pricing yet but expect this to be quite an expensive little drive. I’m not sure who would really spring for one of these, unless there are some high end video professionals out there that need 160MBps write speeds.