You Can Go Back To Believing Everything You Read On The Internet Now

Yes, that’s right yesterday was April fools day and I stayed as far away from the internet as possible, not because I would believe the April fools day jokes but because I can’t stand them.

I don’t understand why reputable sources of information, journalists, stoop to that level. It’s one thing for Google to make a joke but its another when a website/blog that you go to for good and honest reporting is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

If you’re not reading about Michael Airington suing Facebook then your getting Rick Roll’d by YouTube, I’m just glad that the madness is finally over and we can go back to reading the real news online, like explanations on how the Earth is flat.


“Still Alive” Free For Rock Band Today

For all of you wonderful Xbox 360 owners who happen to play Rock Band you may be very happy to learn that the song “Still Alive” from the game Portal is available today for 0 points, that’s right 0 points.

Playstation 3 owners have to wait until April 17th to get the song but Xbox 360 owners can pick it up today.

Rock Band


Google Internet Office Video

Google Gears Syncs Its Teeth Into Google Docs

Google Gears has been around for a while now and it has been one of my favorite features of Google Reader. But now Google has added similar functionality to Google Docs allowing users to edit and view there documents offline, just as they would if they were online, and when they reconnect the Google Gears plugin will resync all of your changes back up to Google’s servers.

This is the next step in trying to take some of the office application market from Microsoft and I think Google did it right. I would still love to see more features added to Google Docs but for now I think they’re doing just fine.

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