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Asus Eee PC 900 Shown Off on Video

Here’s a pretty early video of the Asus Eee PC 900, you know the one with the 8.9″ screen. This version has a 900MHz Celeron M processor running at the full 900MHx (as aposed to the previous version which only ran at 630MHz).

The 900 also runs Windows XP which seems to work pretty good on that little notebook.

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MacHeist and MacUpdate Bundles, Get Mac Apps On The Cheap

The MacHeist bundle has been revealed and it includes 12 Mac applications:

DEVONthink Personal
Bugdom 2
Nanosaur 2

The bundle is priced at $49 and is on sale through the end of the month online, MacHeist also plans on releasing the bundle as a boxed version in stores later this year. [MacHeist]

The second bundle available is from MacUpdate and includes 10 applications for $64.99.

Parallels 3.0
DVDRemaster Pro
Art Text
Sound Studio
Banner Zest

The bundle sale runs from April 16-29th. Currently Parallels, BannerZest and Sound Studio are locked until some sales goals are met. Historically the goals for these types of bundles are always met so I wouldn’t worry too much that you won’t get the applications unlocked that you wanted. [MacUpdate]

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OpenMoko Neo Freerunner Pricing Announced

I posted about OpenMoko when some unpacking pictures were posted online, well pricing was finally be announced. The Neo Freerunner will retail for $399 for a single unit or you can purchase ten of them for $3,690.

Availability has still not been announced yet but that information is said to be coming in the next few days.

The OpenMoko Neo Freerunner is a pretty cool phone and I wouldn’t mind playing around with it for a bit but I think that the OpenMoko project is going to be terribly hurt by the Google Android project and I’m really worried that because of Android OpenMoko is just going to get pummeled in the market place.


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More on the Psystar vs Apple OpenMac Issue (1,000th Post)

First I want to say that this is the 1,000th post on CyberSurge. I’ve been blogging on this blog for one year 2 months and 15 days and I’m still having just as much fun as I was having on day one. Thanks to everyone who has been here since day one.

Psystar, you know, the OEM offering Leopard pre-installed on generic PC hardware, is claiming that Apple’s EULA violates US monopoly laws because it restricts you from installing Leopard on any hardware on made by Apple.

The first thing I want to say is that it doesn’t violate monopoly laws because Apple doesn’t have a monopoly, maybe if Apple had 90% market share in the personal computer space it would be illegal but since they don’t, it is clearly not illegal.

But, the fact that it isn’t illegal aside, in an interview with InformationWeek, a Psystar employee named Robert openly attacked Apple’s EULA:

But Psystar said Monday that the company believes Apple’s terms violate U.S. monopoly laws. “What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers?” said a Psystar employee.

The employee, who would only identify himself as Robert, said Apple grossly overcharges for the hardware on which its operating systems, including Leopard, come preinstalled. “They’re charging an 80% markup on hardware,” Robert said in a brief phone interview.

He also said Psystar believes Apple’s prohibition against third-party installations might not hold up in court: “What if Honda said that, after you buy their car, you could only drive it on the roads they said you could?”

I actually don’t believe that Apple hardware is overpriced at all, if you compare two computers, one made by Dell and one made by Apple they would be very similarly priced, now I’m not talking about the low end, I’m talking about computers priced at $1,000+ (everyone knows that the Mac Mini is a little overpriced, but I’m not sure if it is really 80%, that seems a bit excessive).

The Honda remark doesn’t make any sense at all, it would make more sense if Honda sold you a car stereo that could only be used inside of a Honda, which in my opinion, would be perfectly fine.

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Nvidia Geforce 8800GT For Older Mac Pros

Apple released a new graphics upgrade kit today for older Mac Pros. The $279 Nvidia Geforce 8800GT offers a video upgrade path for previous generation Mac Pro owners.

When Apple released the early 2008 Mac Pro they offered the 8800GT as an upgrade option but because of firmware issues that 8800GT was not compatible with previous generation Mac Pros, but this upgrade card allows you to have 8800GT graphics in those older Mac Pros.

“For advanced graphics performance, choose the latest-generation NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512MB of GDDR3 video memory. With a unified shader core and massive memory bandwidth, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT brings advanced performance to graphics-intensive applications like motion graphics, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. It features a PCI Express interface for a high-bandwidth connection to the Mac Pro and two dual-link DVI ports for connecting up to two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays.


  • Requires Mac Pro (bus speed 1.33GHz) with PCI-Express
  • Includes a DVI to VGA connector for easy connection to VGA-based displays

Note to owners of Mac Pro (early 2008): Please select the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (early 2008) Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro.”

Nvidia Geforce 8800GT (1st Generation) Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro

Apple Lawsuit PC Random Tech

Psystar to Sell “OpenMac”

Psystar, a company from Miami, Florida, is selling “Open Mac,” a Mac clone with Leopard pre-installed for $554. The computer has a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 250GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, Intel GMA 950 graphics, DVD+/-RW optical drive, and 4 USB ports.

The Mac clone looks like it would be a pretty good performer, but if you want something a little bit more beefy you can add $110 to the price and get a Nvidia Geforce 8600GT and/or for another $50 they will add in FireWire.

Now remember that this does violate Leopard’s EULA which says that the software can’t be run on hardware that isn’t Apple branded. OpenMac says that the computer is a “configuration of PC hardware capable of running unmodified OS X Leopard kernels.” But they also say this:

“Can I run updates on my OpenMac?

The answer is yes and no. No because there are some updates that are decidedly non-safe. Yes because most updates are not non-safe. It’s best to check on InsanelyMac for this information but when in doubt don’t update it. You may have to reinstall your OS X if it is a non-safe update.”

I don’t expect this company to continue to sell the OpenMac for very long, I’m pretty sure Apple is willing to pay their lawyers a lot more than Psystar can and therefore I’m sure Apple will sue them to a pulp.


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The 3G iPhone: What To Expect, Not All That Much

Wired wrote a pretty good article talking about what to expect from the 3G iPhone and I have some things to say about it.

It is all but officially confirmed that the Infineon chipset will be used on the 3G iPhone, if you find mention of it in source code on the phone it is pretty much a dead lock that we will see it.

I don’t know for sure if we will see a 5 megapixel camera in the 3G iPhone, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did but I don’t understand why they would really need to give customers any better of a camera, no matter what anyone says the 2 megapixel camera in the iPhone is a pretty good camera. Now when it comes to more options while taking pictures I’m pretty sure we will see that, if not I’m sure someone will make a replacement image capture application for the iPhone with the SDK.


I don’t think that there will be any hardware changes when it comes to the overall look of the device. I’m pretty sure Apple doesn’t want to make those early adopters angry again, I don’t think that we’ll see any changes to the look of the device until next year (when the original iPhone owners 2 year contract runs out).

We’ve already seen pretty much everything there is to see in the new iPhone software, but what we haven’t seen are all of the 3rd party applications that developers are furiously coding right now that will launch at the same time as firmware 2.0 or shortly after. I’m really excited about this part and think it is the most important thing to happen to smart phones since the smart phone was invented, never before has a single company released a phone and then released the ability to code 3rd party apps that has gotten everyone as crazy about it as the iPhone.

Playstation 3 Sony Video

Playstation 3 Firmware v2.30 Walkthrough

Includes a revamped Playstation Store
DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio output for Blu-ray videos

Now check out the video below for the walkthrough and to see the new look of the Playstation Store

Displays Random Tech Video

Jeff Han’s Multitouch Surface

The multitouch screen uses a rear mounted camera to interact with the hands “shadow,” it also shows blue points on the screen where your hand touches the screen.

The device can also show two pointers on the screen, one for each hand that keeps the orientation of the hand and follows its movement.

Battery Random Tech

World’s Smallest USB Battery Charger

Freeloader now has the smallest and lightest battery charger in the world. It allows you to recharge AA, AAA NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries through your computers USB port.


  • LED charging and battery power indicators
  • Tough, rubberised casing
  • Recharges batteries in 3-4 hours

You can pick up this device over at Gizoo for about $25 US.


Sony Mylo 2 Shown Off On Video

Akihabara recently got their hands on Sony’s Mylo 2 Personal Communicator. The device is very similar to the Nokia N810 and features a 3.5″ WVGA display, slide out QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel, Skype, 1GB of on board storage, and a Memory Stick/ Duo/PRO Duo card slot.

The device has some interesting applications including a web browser, media player, IM client, and VoIP. What seems to be the only downside to the device is video playback which is restricted to 320×240 despite its nice 800×480 display.

Mylo 2 by Sony
by AkihabaraNews


Apple Leopard

Time Machine Backups Over Airport Disk Not Supported By Apple

So with the recent Airport Extreme Base Station update a wonderful little feature showed up, you could now choose Airport Disks for Time Machine backups. So many people thought that this must have been some sort of mistake or that Apple finally released a feature that was originally supposed to be included in Leopard.

It turns out that this is an unsupported feature, which is very surprising since it was supposed to be their in the first place.

So should you use it to backup your computer? Maybe, maybe not, I personally wouldn’t use it but that’s because currently Time Machine is my only backup, but I think if you had multiple backups and you tested the Airport Disk backup a few times to make sure it was working right, I don’t think you would have any problems with it (don’t quote me on that).

Remember that if YOU have any problems using this feature and you end up losing all of your data it isn’t my fault, and just because you can’t go to Apple about it doesn’t mean that it is my fault, I don’t THINK you will have any problems, but I wouldn’t rely on it myself.