HTC Begins US Marketing Push With Great TV Ad

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HTC has recently started pushing their brand in TV, print, outdoor, and online advertising marketed towards the US market, now, HTC isn’t exactly new to the market game but they haven’t ever done it before in the US. It isn’t like we haven’t heard of HTC, they have built many wonderful carrier branded phones, but […]

Microsoft Announces Works SE (Sponsored Edition)

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Microsoft has begun offering a free advertising supported version of Microsoft Works, you know that not as good as Microsoft Office suite of applications that seems to be pre-installed on nearly every computer from major manufacturers because it only costs like $1.00 for the manufacturer to add it in, yea, that one. Currently this brand […]

AMD ATI Radeon 4850 and 4870 Details Show Up Online

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AMD has seen some great developments in the way of releasing the 4800 series of graphics cards and therefore will be moving up the launch of these graphics cards. Manufacturing improvements will give these GPUs higher clock speeds, the mid-range will jump from a 670MHz core seen in the 3850 to more than 800MHz in […]

PhoneArena Previews Sony Ericsson C902

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5MP camera 2-inch display 160MB built in memory M2 card slot HSDPA Bluetooth 2.0 w/A2DP PhoneArena

Psystar’s President Says That The Company Is The Real Deal

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Forbes managed to get an interview with the man behind Psystar. You remember Psystar as that seemingly crazy hardware vendor that has decided to start selling “OpenComputers” with Apple’s OS X preinstalled, a well equipped one can be had for only $555. Psystar’s President Rudy Pedraza insists that his company is the real deal. “It’s […]

Skype to Offer $9.95/month Unlimited International Calling

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Alongside rumors that Ebay would be selling Skype… to… maybe… Google? Skype, who had a pretty successful first quarter is announcing that starting today anyone can sign up for unlimited calling to landlines in any of 34 countries across the world for $9.95 per month and also includes unlimited calling to U.S. landlines and cellphones. […]

Western Digital Releases VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM 300GB Hard Drive

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The 10,000 RPM VelociRaptor hard drive is actually a 2.5″ hard drive enclosed in a 3.5″ form factor heat sink. The VelociRaptor 300 is a 300GB hard drive with a 3.0Gbps SATA interface, Western Digital says that the drive is capable of sustaining 120MB/s which is incredibly fast for a single hard drive. AnandTech reports […]

HP Mini-Note 2133 Unboxing Pics

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An Engadget reader received his HP Mini-Note 2133 in the mail and sent them some great unboxing pics. I’ll tell you what, I would really enjoy having one of these computer. It’s a great design and looks like it has excellent build quality, much better than the Asus Eee PC. HP Mini-Note 2133 Unboxing Gallery […]

Overclockers Push 8-Core Skulltrail to 6GHz

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Intel would be proud that their 8-core platform has been overclocked to 6GHz by some overclockers on XtremeSystems forum. All I can say is, wow! Those 8-cores at 6GHz gives you a total of 48GHz of processing power. XtremeSystems

HTC Touch Cruise Hands On Video

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PhoneArena got their hands on a HTC Touch Cruise and was able to show it off on video. Personally the phone looks pretty good but it looks a little big and clunky (although I could be wrong, I’ve never held one myself). It is a decent looking design but unfortunately Windows Mobile isn’t exactly the […]

Aluminium MacBook With Multi-Touch and New MacBook Pro Design at WWDC

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A reader of MacRumors came across a .Mac web page yesterday that contained images for Apple products. Two of the products on this web page aren’t shipping yet. A new Aluminium MacBook with Multi-Touch and a new MacBook Pro that looks super thin and has an iMac-like screen. Usually this would just be dismissed as […]

Psystar Seems To Be Some Sort of Hoax

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So Gizmodo decided to do some investigative reporting and looked into what is actually at the supposed location of the Mac clone making Psystar. First of all, the address on the website did change at some point in the past couple of days from a residence to the address of a USA Koen Pack. Yes, […]

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