So is AT&T Going to Subsidize the 3G iPhone to $199?

In short, some people think yes, some people think no. I happen to believe that the iPhone won’t be sold for $199 for another couple years, it is still really new and the amount of money it costs to product the iPhone means that selling it for $199 doesn’t really make sense, especially since Apple […]

What Happens Next In the Microsoft Takeover Bid For Yahoo

The deadline for Yahoo to reply regarding the Microsoft take over ended Saturday night, so what happens next? Will Microsoft attempt a hostile take over, will Yahoo accept the bid, or will Microsoft walk away? I think that Microsoft will give a half hearted attempt at a hostile take over but eventually walk away. This […]

Psystar OpenComputer Ships, Gizmodo Gives Details

A Gizmodo reader has sent in a video and some information regarding the Psystar OpenComputer. Patrick (the reader) was lucky (?) enough to be one of the first to get a shipped OpenComputer. “The thing boots up and runs pretty damn fast, says Patrick, but Software Update won’t recognize it so you won’t be able […]

Latest iPhone SDK Beta May Support Background Apps

So everyone out there who was a little upset when they found out that background apps weren’t allowed may not have to complain for too much longer, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has revealed that the most recent build of the iPhone SDK supports the UIApplication delegate class, which includes methods that apply to gaining and […]

Analysts Say 3G iPhone at WWDC and MacBook Refresh

Citi analysts Richard Gardner and Yeechang Lee are predicting that the 3G iPhone will be announced at the WWDC keynote in San Francisco. I do believe this to be true but I have to clarify something that no one has been able to get right. Steve Jobs has NEVER said that there would be a […]

Samsung Introduces the S2 “Pebble” and S3 Portable Media Players

Samsung has introduced two new media players into the market that look like great competitors compared to all of the other media players out there. The S2 “Pebble” is a tiny little audio player with 1GB of storage and an FM tuner. The S2 plays back WMA, MP3, and Ogg files and comes in purple, […]