YouTube Plugin For MobileSafari and New iPhone 2.0 Screenshots

The Boy Genius Report has been very good recently at posting about iPhone 2.0 and they didn’t disappoint this time. They have posted a gallery of the latest iPhone 2.0 beta. This gallery shows off some of the cool sample applications that Apple has made and they look great, even if they are just sample […]

PWNED Tool Lets You Load Unsigned Firmware Onto iPhone

The iPhone Dev Team is getting ready to release the PWNED tool, which will patch the iPhones bootloader allowing you to load any firmware image you want, even ones not signed by Apple. This means that custom patched firmware can now be loaded directly from iTunes which will simplify the jailbreaking and unlocking process. This […]

Google “Turns The Lights Out” To Build Earth Hour Awareness

Google has decided to have the background of all black today (instead of the usual white background) to raise awareness for a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour. Earth Hour will be held today between 8:00pm and 9:00pm in your local time zone. I’ll be participating in the effort although I usually don’t […]

Apple Offering $15 Gift Card With Refurbished iPod Nano Purchase

If you are looking into purchasing a new iPod then you may want to consider a refurbished iPod Nano. Apple is sweetening the pot a little bit by offering a $15 iTunes gift card for free with the purchase of a refurbished iPod Nano. Now this does make me curious as to whether or not […]