The Playstation 3 has been doing better and better in this race for the next generation console war. Recently we found out that the console saw a 298% increase in sales after the release of the 40GB version, but now we hear that the Playstation 3 outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan for the month of November.

This is the first time that the Playstation 3 has ever outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. In the 4 weeks in November up to the 25th Sony sold 183,217 units and Nintendo only sold 159,193.

This has been building up for a while, during the summer the NIntendo Wii outsold the Playstation 3 by 6 to 1 but during the fall the gap had narrowed to about 3 to 1.

Many analysts believe that this trend will most likely not continue but I’m not too sure about this. I almost feel like the joys of the Wii have passed, many people that I talk to think of the Wii as some type of fad, don’t get me wrong, the Wii is really fun but the problem is that I don’t see how people could enjoy shaking the controller around for too much longer, it gets tiring.