Bleeding Edge TV Shows Off iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

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So here is another video showing off the newly leaked iPhone firmware, version 1.1.3. I was actually skeptical at first, mostly because I haven’t seen a picture of the “about” menu on the iPhone but this is looking more and more realistic. I still am not too sure about the way that icons are moved […]

Optimus Tactus Sounds Good But Probably Isn’t That Great

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Another concept from the wonderful guys over at Art Lebedev is a neat sounding idea. It is basically a keyboard that is a touchscreen display. This is a cool idea of course and sounds great (especially after using the iPhone keyboard for so long) but the problem is that it will basically give you no […]

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video

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Here is some more fuel for the fire of firmware 1.1.3. I don’t really know what to think about it, I do believe that the firmware is out there but it is hard to believe that this video is real, mostly because the “wobbly” icons don’t seem very Apple-like. I could be wrong off course […]

Details on iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

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Gearlive has a gallery of photos of iPhone firmware 1.1.3. Gearlive isn’t a known source for images of upcoming Apple products but the pictures look very convincing. The new features shown off in the gallery are: Rearranging the icons on your home screen Locate Me integration with Google Maps (pseudo-GPS) Sending SMS to multiple people […]

Adtec Releases World’s Smallest Bluetooth Headset

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The AD-HSM10 is now the world’s smallest bluetooth headset weighing in at only 5 grams. This new headset has 3 hours of talk time with 100 hours of standby time. I personally don’t really like the design of this but because of its incredibly small size I really think this things is pretty cool. The […]

Palm Foleo Pics on Engadget

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Ahh, that gorgeous Palm Foleo. Although it was basically hated by everyone I thought it was brilliance. Basically the Palm Foleo (in my honest opinion) is a much better designed Asus Eee PC. Anyway, Engadget has a gallery of pictures of the Palm Foleo, it makes me a little sad to know that this wonderful […]

One Year Of CyberSurge!

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Today marks the one year mark for One year ago (the first post) was about HD-DVD encryption being cracked. For the first birthday of CyberSurge I have decided to give away a silver iPod Shuffle. To win this prize all you have to do is, in the comments of this post tell me what […]

Samsung x820 Review

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This year I purchased the Samsung x820 cell phone for my girlfriend for Christmas and she offered to write up a review of it for me so that I could put it on my blog. So here is what she had to say about the phone: “I got it as an early Christmas present. When […]

Asus Eee PC for $299 and Now With Colors

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The Asus Eee PC is now available online for $299, and not only that but now you can also purchase them in colors. There are 5 colors to choose from: Black White Pink Blue Green The $299 version comes with 512MB of memory and a 2GB solid state hard disk. This version is also missing […]

Don’t Put Those Private Pictures on MySpace!

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For all of you out there that seem to think that it is ok to post pictures of yourself on MySpace that you don’t necessarily want many people to see, having a private profile means basically nothing. MySpace Private Profile Picture Viewer allows you to look at pictures from private profiles so if you are […]

Fox Signs Deal With Apple for iTunes Movies

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More Apple rumors showing up today, supposedly Fox has agreed to an iTunes movie deal. These movies will (according to the rumor) be for rental, allowing iTunes users to watch a rented movie for a limited time. It also seems that Fox may be including a FairPlay protected video file of select movies when you […]

New Apple Notebooks at MacWorld – Unofficially Confirmed

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The Boy Genius Report is saying that “Apple will 100% be announcing a new laptop at MacWorld.” The source of the unofficial confirmation is that when Apple held a holiday event recently they had artists perform and instead of paying the talent, Apple decided to promise every performer and band member a new laptop when […]

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