I Second the Motion, Leopard Makes Me Mad Too

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That’s right, Leopard makes me mad! I don’t know exactly if it is Leopards fault but I do know that there isn’t any explanation for what I’m about to tell you, Leopard completely, and I mean completely crashes on me, almost weekly. Now this isn’t just a kernel panic, where I can hold down the […]

TiVo and Nero Announce PC Based DVR Solution

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TiVo is partnering with Nero to develop a TiVo-like DVR solution for the PC to compete with other software-based DVR products from Microsoft, Snapstream and SageTV. This is a very interesting idea, Nero has been very successful in the software market and TiVo is the premier DVR maker, bringing them together to make a PC […]

Links of Interest 11/29/07

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Community Members Links: Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Blog – Everybody Go To The Importance Of Having Your Own Online Identity – Kyle’s Cove Ready for a Serious Windows Explorer Makeover? – ShanKri-la Want to have your blog listed here? Join CyberSurge’s MyBlogLog Community Around the Internet: iPhone Malware Demo Freaking Me Out, Man […]

Art Lebedev Releases New Optimus Maximus Configurations

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Art Lebedev Studio has released new configurations for the oh so beautiful Optimus Maximus keyboard. The new configurations feature fewer active buttons (active meaning they have OLED displays in them). The configurations are as followed: 1 active button for $462.27 10 active buttons for $599.01 47 active buttons for $999.25 113 active buttons for $1,564.37 […]

40GB Playstation 3 Caused 298% Sales Increase

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The week of November 18-24 the Playstation 3 saw a 245% increase in sales compared to the week prior. Sony says that the sudden increase in sales is mostly due to the sales cuts that have happened recently. The 80GB version dropped from $599 to $499 and on November 2 Sony launched the 40GB version […]

The Future of the AppleTV

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The item on the top of my list this year is the AppleTV, although I’m fairly sure that I’m in the minority. The AppleTV was the other big product that was launched this year by Apple, you may remember it from MacWorld, it was released the same time Steve Jobs decided to let everyone know […]

Online Shopping Frustrations

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With the holidays coming up I have begun shopping for all of my loved ones, but this year I decided to do most of my shopping online. I love shopping online because I don’t have to deal with cashiers who don’t know what they are doing and the constant asking “do you need any help […]

Holiday Geek Gift Guide – Gadgets

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Today we have my personal favorite category of geek gifts, Gadgets. There was way too many things to pick from but I was able to narrow it down to 5 items. First we have the Zune 80, Microsoft’s new MP3 player which has been getting much better reviews compared to the original Zune. A great […]

Optimus Maximus Pictures and Video

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The Optimus Maximus is that crazy cool keyboard with OLED displays in all of the keys. Engadget and Gizmodo have been able to get their hands on it, the reason I mention both of them is because Gizmodo has a great video but Engadget has a good picture gallery. I really think that the Optimus […]

Black Friday Deals From Apple

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Yup it’s black Friday and besides the fact that you can get some amazing deals at stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit City, Apple is having its black Friday sale as well. This is one of the only times throughout the year where you can get discounts on Apple products at the online store […]

Happy Thanksgiving from CyberSurge

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If you aren’t from the US you may not be familiar with Thanksgiving, it is a holiday where families get together and give thanks for what they have, watch football, and eat until you can’t move. Anyway, I decided to write this post because I’m not sure how things will go today, I hope I […]

Holiday Geek Gift Guide – Video Games

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Today we have a list of some of the best games of 2007. I tried to keep each game an exclusive for the console it works on. I included a Playstation 2 game in this guide since it is still going fairly strong. For the Playstation 2 owner, God of War 2. A hugely successful […]

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