How Gmail Blocks Spam

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Ever wondered how Gmail manages to do so well at blocking spam messages? Well here’s a video explaining how it is done.

DecentURL, for Decent Sized URLs

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So I’ve written about HugeURL which helps you make some pretty long URLs and everyone knows about TinyURL which helps you take a big URL and make it smaller. But, what if you have a really small URL, a really Large URL, or maybe even a really ugly URL that you want to make decent, […]

Meizu M8 Has iPhone-Like Music UI

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Last month I wrote about the user interface of the Meizu M8 (basically an obvious iPhone rip off). Well, now we can see some more of the iPhone copying.I will be honest with you, the Meizu M8 is a really cool looking phone and will probably be a great alternative to people who want an […]

Jailbreak your iPhone with a Web App

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  iPhone hacking hasn’t really seemed to slow down, even with the news that we will be getting legit iPhone applications in February. It also seems that Jailbreaking is getting easier and easier. There is now a web app called AppSnapp at (If you are using an iPhone don’t go there unless you want […]

My Leopard Impressions

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As many of you know Leopard came out on Friday and well, I have it (if you didn’t figure that out from my last post, I’ll have to make it clearer next time a situation like this arises). I do like Leopard a lot, many of the features are great but some of them aren’t […]

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Day

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I ordered Leopard on Wednesday and it should be delivered to my door by FedEx sometime this morning. I have to be honest with all of you, i am not terribly excited about Leopard (mostly because there isn’t one feature that I’m really excited about). The features, after added all up, are great but it […]

IMAP Support in Gmail

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Gmail has been many peoples favorite email service since it launched. One of the major criticisms against Gmail has always been its lack of IMAP support, well that is all over. Google started rolling out IMAP into Gmail accounts last night, at the time of writing this I do not have IMAP in any of […]

Microsoft Officially Announces XBox 360 Arcade

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The rumors were pretty solid but now its official Microsoft has released the XBox 360 Arcade. This will replace the XBox 360 Core, priced at $279.99 and will come with an HDMI port and 5 XBox Live Arcade games on a 256MB memory card. This is getting dangerously close to the Nintendo Wii’s $250 price […]

The Marble of Doom – Wasting Our Time, Daily

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I have to admit that I’m not sure whether or not my Mac is any more stable than my PC was, I actually think that they crash just about as often. But, all that aside I do know that my Mac wastes a lot of my time just spinning that freakin marble of doom. Well, […]

Samsung’s New Super Thin 40″ LCD

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Samsung is going to be showing off a bunch of new displays in Japan at the end of the week. Among those displays is this unbelievable display. The 40″ TFT LCD is 1cm thick. That isn’t the only small measurement on this display, it also sports a 14.6mm bezel around the actual display. It uses […]

Pics and Benchmarks of the Upcoming Nvidia Geforce 8800GT Leaked

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So the Geforce 880GT is getting closer and closer to launch and that means that leaked pictures and benchmarks are starting to show up on the internet. The performance is looking pretty good on the card which will likely be a really great buy for those who like themselves some pretty PC gaming but don’t […]

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