I’m not going to talk about any other announcements today because I am to upset about this one. HOW COULD APPLE DO THIS TO ITS CUSTOMERS. I waited outside in the incredibly hot sun for 7:30 hours waiting for this device and a short 2 months later they drop the price by $200! That is unheard of. How could Apple think that the 270,000+ customers that purchased the iPhone already wouldn’t be upset about the price drop, it isn’t like the thing has been out for 6 months, I could understand that, but it has only been out for 2.

Apple made a big mistake dropping the price so early, I’m sure it will make every customer who purchased it early incredibly upset with them, especially since we had to deal with buggy software for the first month or so. Does Apple think that they could just charge us $200 extra so that we have the privilege to beta test their product, that is completely ridiculous.

I hope that every single person that has purchased an iPhone goes to their local AT&T/Apple store and complains until Apple reacts to it, there was no need for Apple to lower the price of the device doing so only upset customers and lowered their profit margins. People didn’t seem to have too much of a problem with paying $599 for the device so why would they go ahead and lower the price of it so quickly.

I want to see a mail in rebate in my mailbox within the next week or I don’t know what I’m going to do (most likely just take it like a man and forget about it).