Gateway One Announced

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I don’t really understand why every single time someone comes out with an all-in-one computer they have to compare it to the iMac. Now I do understand that the iMac is basically the only successful all-in-one computer and that is why I’m so upset about this. The Gateway One probably won’t last very long because […]

AMD Launches Second “Black Edition” CPU

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AMD has launched there second “Black Edition” processor, the Athlon 64 X2 5000+. The processor is quite a bit cheaper then the 6400+ Black Edition processor that launched last month, it is priced at $136 in distributor-volume 1,000-unit quantities. This is the first processor in its class shipped by AMD that has a customizable clock […]

Apple Releases iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.1

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Apple finally released iPhone firmware 1.1.1 and it is great! That is unless you hacked your iPhone in which case you no longer have any 3rd party apps installed. If you unlocked your iPhone then I suggest you wait until the re-locking app is released. The update is pretty awesome, all of the features are […]

65,535=100,000 in Excel 2007

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According to Excel 2007, any equation that should result in 65,535 Excel 2007 will tell you that the answer is 100,000. I actually prefer 100,000 to 65,535, its an even number, it is easily divisible by 10, its a lot larger then 65,535. But, when I’m building complicated spreadsheets (which I don’t do) I think […]

NBC Adds Two New Shows To iTunes

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A few weeks ago NBC decided to cancel its contract with Apple but apparently the relationship isn’t completely over. Chuck and Journeyman have been added to the iTunes Store and you can buy a season pass for them for $39.99 each. Each show will have 13 episodes each, this means that they will finish up […]

Truphone Demos VOIP on the iPhone

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This is the first demo of VOIP on the iPhone that I have ever seen, mostly because no one has done it before. This is amazing, I’m not sure what type of VOIP service that Truphone is using but I’m guessing that it isn’t Skype, in my honest opinion if it isn’t Skype then it […]

Sidekick Slide – Why is it called a “Sidekick”

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T-Mobile officially announced the Sidekick Slide, now I don’t know exactly why the Sidekick was originally called the Sidekick, but I think that it had something to do with the idea of using your thumb to flip the screen up to reveal the keyboard. Sidekick is a horrible name for the Slide, but I guess […]

Demonoid Shut Down by CRIA

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The popular bittorrent tracker Demonoid has reportedly been shut down by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. TorrentFreak contacted some of the Demonoid administrators and they are not exactly sure what happened, it seems that Demonoid’s Canadian ISP pulled the plug because of pressure from the CRIA however I haven’t been able to really find any […]

Amazon MP3 Launches

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Amazon has launched there own music store called Amazon MP3. It is very similar to a lot of other music stores out there, but the pricing sounds really cool. $0.89 – $0.99 for songs and as low as $4.99 per album. If you didn’t figure it out by the name, all of the music is […]

Hack Your iPhone? Better Not Update It UPDATE

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Apple released the following statement yesterday: “Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed. Apple plans to release the next iPhone […]

OLPC to Offer Consumers Laptops for $400

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OLPC will offer consumers in developed countries an opportunity to purchase the OLPC for themselves and at the same time pay for one to be given to 3rd world countries. The price will be $400 and I think that this is a great thing. The ability to get a low cost laptop for yourself, obviously […] Coming Native to OS X Next Year

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Next September will be releasing its version 3.0 of the software which will finally give native support to OS X without having to install X11 beforehand. In case you Apple guys didn’t realize, you can already do this with a port of OpenOffice called NeoOffice that I have been using for months now. NeoOffice […]

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