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Playstation 3’s Sixaxis Controller is Not New

The Plyastation 3’s motion sensative Sixaxis controller isn’t new at all. The idea for the controller is nearly a decade old. The PSM podcast shows off a Pelican controller made in 1999. The controller does have vibration, the PS3’s controller does not. Check out the video below:

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PS3 controller sucks anyway..I had used it, and it felt like a cheap 3rd party controller..even Xbox360’s contoller is better.

In PS2 vs. Xbox, PS2 had the better controller, but now, its opposite.

I actually like the PS3 controller a lot more then the Xbox 360 controller. I wish the PS3’s controller was a little bit heavier and had vibration but I just don’t like using the analog stick as the main direction input on the Xbox360.

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