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I’m willing to (at least try to) answer any questions you have about the iPhone. Just ask it in the comments.

This will be where most of the iPhone stuff will be put instead of making a new post about it. That way all of you who don’t really care/want to hear about the iPhone don’t have to, I want to try and make everyone happy, however if you are an iPhone hater, play with one at an Apple Store or an AT&T store, it is amazing!

Go ahead and ask away.

Questions answered after the jump

“What are the five worst things about the iPhone?” – James

I’ll list five things that come to mind

  1. The headphone jack is recessed into the phone just enough so that you cannot fit many of my headphones into it, including my ever important cassette adapter for my car.
  2. EDGE is pretty darn slow, even with a really good signal. Trying to show off the cool YouTube feature to my cousins and it was almost unusable over EDGE. Web browsing over EDGE is also rough.
  3. There is no iChat or other instant message application, not a big deal because I don’t do it very often, text messaging is enough, but it would be nice. Probably an easy fix with a software update.
  4. The screen is a fingerprint magnet. It doesn’t get scratched very easily at all, practically scratch proof. I’ve had to use the cleaning cloth on it twice a day.
  5. One issue I ran into is the accelerometer. I had an issue with it when I was laying down on my couch and it kept switching between the wide screen and regular view. I wish I could shut it off and not have to deal with it.

“Can you use more then 1 Gmail account on the same phone, at the same time?” – Andrew Haas

From what I can tell you can use almost as many email addresses as you have. I have 3 email addresses set up with it right now and I’m sure you can have many more.

“Can you turn off the bubble-style iChat interface in SMS?” – Andrew Haas

No you can’t turn it off

“Does Safari ever hang?” – Andrew Haas

Yes Safari hangs sometimes but not very often and usually only when you are visiting a web page that is very complicated or if you have a lot of web pages open.

“What case did you get?” – Andrew Haas

I didn’t buy a case. I didn’t like any of them available. I don’t want anything to keep the phone from looking its best. If you put a case on it it just makes it look ugly, bigger, and well clunky. From all of the videos and reviews I have seen and from my own experience the past couple of days it holds up extremely well. It doesn’t have a scratch on it and I’m pretty good at holding on to my gadgets, I don’t plan on dropping it.

“how well does youtube work? can you watch any video or is there only specific ones set to watch?” – Becky

YouTube works fine using Wifi but almost unusable under EDGE. You can’t watch any video on YouTube, only the ones that have been converted to H.264 by YouTube.

“what is your favorite feature about the iphone?” – Becky

My favorite feature is probably the browser, it is just so convenient being able to check something on the internet so quickly. My favorite thing about the browser that makes me like it so much is that if a video/music file is in an iPod ready format you can view it through the browser. So I can go to and watch diggnation streaming from to my iPhone.

“compared to a video ipod, how big is the phone?” – Becky

here is a great size comparison:

Purple – iPhone
Yellow – 30GB iPod

Does work? – Andrew Haas kind of works. You can log in and some one can instant message with you but the problem is it doesn’t seem like you can instant message back. Meebo does not have a send button in the instant message window and if you hit the return button on the iPhone it doesn’t send the message it just moves the cursor to the next line. I don’t know if there was something I missed but this is something that I would take a look back at in a week or so and update it here. It could easily be fixed by meebo just putting a send button to send the message. This would solve the problem of the iPhone missing a chat application but I’m sure there is another website offering a similar service that would work a little bit better on the iPhone.

Update – does work, but when I tested it over EDGE I continued to get errors when logging into my AIM account but I am pretty sure you can take Mashable’s word for it.

“have you had any problems with crashing or slowness when you use more than one program at a time? how many can you run at once?” – Becky

None of the applications can be “closed” manually so you can have all of them running at the same time. I have noticed that occasionally with complicated web pages open in Safari it will crash the iPod app. I have not noticed any other issues with having multiple applications open.

“When syncing with Address Book on OS X, do you have to sync the whole thing or can you choose which Groups to sync?” – Andrew Haas

Yes you can choose which groups you would like to sync and leave some of your contacts out of the iPhone

“How does the iPhone sync with Like, if I read a Gmail email on the iPhone, and it is still unread on OS X, will it mark it as read on on OS X when I sync it?” – Andrew Haas

From all I can tell it doesn’t sync it however I haven’t spent a lot of time with the mail app on the iPhone it seems like I do get the same email in both my inbox and my iPhones inbox even if I sync them after reading it on one. It seems to work just like it would if you had POP set up on multiple applications.

“Can you stream MP3s like you can stream movs?” – Andrew Haas

Yes you can stream MP3s with the browser which is really handy if you don’t have time to download and sync your podcasts to your iPhone you can just go to them in the browser and listen to them streaming.

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Can you use more then 1 Gmail account on the same phone, at the same time?

Can you turn off the bubble-style iChat interface in SMS?

Does Safari ever hang?

What case did you get?

How does the iPhone sync with Like, if I read a Gmail email on the iPhone, and it is still unread on OS X, will it mark it as read on on OS X when I sync it?

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