I am sitting at my desk with a brand new, in the package, Nintendo DS Browser for the DS Lite. Would you like it? You can win it!

All you have to do to enter is comment on any post here at CyberSurge. When giving your comment give a valid email address in the email box, I can see it but no one else can. The contest ends on Friday July 6th.

The day after the contest ends I will take all the comments and put them in a hat and randomly select the winner.

I’ll contact the winner by email and get the DS Browser to them after they reply.

Have fun commenting and may the randomly selected win.

If you would like to see my review of the Nintendo DS Browser check that out here. I would give the winner the one that I reviewed but I just can’t let it go so I had to buy a new one to give away.

If you want to comment about something a little bit more interesting then this post try out this one:
Ask me about the iPhone
You will still be entered and you will get some info on the iPhone.

Update: The contest is over, you can see the results here.