I purchased the Nintendo DS browser recently and I have to say it isn’t going to blow you away but can be very useful.

I purchased the Nintendo DS browser about a week ago and have been using it ever since. I have tried many websites on it and I think it’s great.

Along the bottom of the screen are all of the buttons you need for the browser. The simple back and forward buttons along with the stop/reload button. A button to show your history, a URL button, Favorites, Find, Settings, Help, SSR/Overview Mode, Load Images, Zoom, and Jump. The history feature will only show the most recent 5 or so pages when you click on it.

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The URL button brings up a keyboard letting you type in a URL to go to, what is awesome about this keyboard is that it gives you dedicated .com buttons. You have 5 of these .com buttons that you can customize to your hearts content.

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Find let’s you search the page that you are looking at for a specific word, just like in firefox when you hit ctrl+f. It also gives you the option to search the web. The web search can be customized by putting in a custom search string, the default is Yahoo!

In settings you can whether or not the browser loads images, how much it zooms by default, user interface tweaks, etc.

SSR and Overview mode are very interesting. SSR will take the entire webpage and show it to you in a single column similar to how Opera Mini does on cell phones. Overview mode though is extremely cool, it will load the entire webpage and show it in the lower screen zooming out and showing you a little box. The box can be moved around and whatever is within that box is shown in the top screen. In this mode you can use the jump button to switch between the two screens, whatever was on top is on bottom.

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More Including a video, after the jump

I have spent a lot of time using the browser and it is not to be used as a primary browser, it does not have flash support. The best way to use the browser is to view cell phone formated pages, such as Mobile GMail, Mobile Google Reader, and Mobile Twitter. These pages are much smaller then their desktop formatted counter parts and work great on the DS browser.

The browser is a little slow, I did a speed test using the DS browser and got about 150kbps, now on my laptop I was getting 4mbps using the same connection so the DS isn’t the fastest at all.

I do recommend the browser for checking your email and reading RSS feeds without having to pull out your laptop or frustrating a lot of people around you, using the DS to browse isn’t as obtrusive as using your desktop or laptop computer when socializing with people.

You can get yourself the DS browser here.

Pictures from Opera for Nintendo – Features

Check out this video of the DS browser in action: