Ask me about the iPhone

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I’m willing to (at least try to) answer any questions you have about the iPhone. Just ask it in the comments. This will be where most of the iPhone stuff will be put instead of making a new post about it. That way all of you who don’t really care/want to hear about the iPhone […]

iPhone Diognostic Information

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I plug my iPhone in this morning to sync some podcasts and this is what I find: Very interesting, It is cool that Apple is trying to improve its product but I wonder what information was being sent?

I got the iPhone – and so far, I love it!

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Well I did it, I went ahead and got the iPhone. I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t care, especially since it is so beautiful and is just as fast as the commercials show. It is currently sitting in its docking telling me that Sync is in progress and the battery is at about 75%. […]

One week left to get your entries in – Win the Nintendo DS Browser

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You still have one week to comment and try to win the Nintendo DS Browser. I loved it and you can see my review of the browser here. For complete details on the contest check those out here. But, if you want the short version all you have to do is leave a comment on […]

Debating on the iPhone

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I took a drive out to the two local AT&T stores in my area. There was not a single person there. This of course makes me want the iPhone more because I would be one of the extremely few people in my area that has an iPhone. I already use AT&T and have added a […]

Apple Makes its First Online iPhone App – RSS Reader

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Apple has made an RSS reader for the iPhone. It’s Apples first Web app designed specifically for the iPhone. I guess that answers the question as to whether or not Safari on the iPhone has an RSS reader or not, it doesn’t but at if you are using an iPhone you can use it. […]

Pownce a New Way to Share Files with Friends

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Pownce is a new way to share files with friends. It has been created by Leah Culver, Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen. The team has created a new company called Megatechtronium. The new app that is invitation only but available for Windows and Mac (Linux coming soon) will be a very interesting app […]

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Overclocked to 5.13GHz

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Truly an amazing feat. A QX6850 has been overclocked to an astonishing 5133MHz using a EVGA 680i motherboard. This clock speed was accomplished using liquid nitrogen cooling and bumping the voltage to 1.65v. VR-Zone

Barcelona Clock Speeds and Ship Dates

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AMD has been working on Barcelona for quite some time now but theInquirer has got some hard dates listed on their websites with clock speeds as well. They are saying that the first of the Barcelona chips will show up on September 10th, 2 of them to be exact. A 1.9GHz numbered by AMD the […]

Get Some of the Great Vista Features in XP with Vista Transformation Pack

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I use Windows Vista on my home computer but when I go over to my friends and families houses they only have Windows XP. I really miss some of those great features from Vista. Now I can let them all know that for free they can add a lot of that functionality with the Vista […]

How did I become a Geek

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UneasySilence had a post asking there readers: “why do you like technology/geeky stuff?” I thought about leaving a comment but decided instead to turn it into a post (to be honest I though about making this a post about a week ago, its in my notebook where I write down ideas). It started out when […]

Real Player 11 Beta Now Available

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I mentioned the Real Player 11 a few weeks ago and it is finally available as a beta download. This new version of Real Player is capable of downloading flash videos from many popular online video websites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video, etc. This release of Real Player makes it easy to share and search […]

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