iTunes U Launched, Alongside DRM Free Music

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Would you like to listen to college lectures and watch lab demonstrations without having to enroll and spend all that money? Well know you can with iTunes U you can do just that. This has already been possible with some colleges doing podcasts of there content but this new section within the iTunes music store […]

Microsofts Surface Computing Table

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Cool looking table however it is going to cost waaaay to much money. I understand that it is not going to be marketed to regular consumers but to commercial consumers. The surface computer is really cool though. Check it out: [via UneasySilence]

YouTube Coming to AppleTV

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Apple TV’s will soon be able to watch YouTube videos on there widescreen TV right in there living room. It will be streamed from the internet to the AppleTV. Apple will also begin a build to order option for Apple TV’s with 160GB hard drives for $399. Press Release

Palm’s New Laptop-like Device, The Palm Foleo

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I know what most of you are thinking this device looks kind of cool but why would I ever want to buy one? Well I’ll tell you right now that I probably won’t ever buy one however if I had the extra money I would. Reason being: it is amazing. The Palm Foleo is very […]

RD790 Brings Quadfire

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AMD’s new RD790 chipsets will bring some cool features but one really interesting one according to the Inquirer is the use of 4 graphics cards in a crossfire-like set up. They will have to be X1k and X2k series cards however. The motherboards will sport 4 full length PCIe slots running 4 of them at […]

Pentium 4 at 8.18GHz

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OC Team Italy has successfully overclocked a Pentium 4 631 to 8.18GHz. OH MY! Since the multipliers are locked on this processor they had to bump the FSB all the way up to 545MHz. A 173% overclock. This is pretty amazing, I just wonder what they used to cool it. I am always fascinated by […]

Nokia 8600 Luna Video Preview

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T3 had some hands on time with the Nokia 8600 which features an OLED screen, 1GB of internal memory, and an SD card slot. Check it out: T3

Backrow Developers’ Kit Released for Easy AppleTV Development

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  AckwardTV is reporting that an AppleTV development kit has been released. Alan Quatermain is the creator of the kit and you can find out info about it here at the AckwardTV wiki. There is also a video of it here at the Internet Archive. Head to AckwardTV to find the download link.

Intel Metro Laptop Video

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Everyone has seen Intel’s cool Metro concept design, its pretty gosh darn cool but here is a video of it: [via Gizmodo]

News Roundup 5/28/07

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OCZ Acquires PC Power & Cooling iPhone Used to Browse DirecTV Sat-Go Portable Receiver Seen on… TV

Mac Mini May be Discontinued

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AppleInsider is claiming that the Mac Mini will be discontinued saying: ” Therefore, it comes as little surprise that sources, for whom AppleInsider holds the utmost respect, are now pointing towards the mini’s impending demise.” I think that Apple may be making a big mistake with the Mac Mini if they discontinue it at this […]

Google to Buy FeedBurner

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TechCrunch is reporting that Google will be acquiring FeedBurner for $100 Million. Most of the money will be payed upfront. Big deal for FeedBurner which has become many peoples favorite RSS based online service. I personally think that FeedBurner is one of those services that I don’t really know how I could do without. They […]

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