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Geforce 8500 and 8600 News on the Net

Nvidia Geforce 8500, 8600 clocks, Pipes
8500GT, 450MHz Core, 400MHz Memory, 16 Stream Processors
8600GT, 540MHz Core, 700MHz Memory, 32 Stream Processors
8600GTS, 675MHz Core, 1GHz Memory, 32 Stream Processors

PNY Pre-announces Nvidia Geforce 8600
Graphics card maker PNY has confirmed that Nvidia is about to launch the GeForce 8600 GT graphics chip, pledging today to ship…

ASUS jumps gun on 8600
Taiwanese Firm Asus has announced its 8600 GTS card, ahead of the official launch tomorrow…

Nvidia Unveils Geforce 8600 and 8500-series
Nvidia today announced its latest DirectX 10 product offerings to serve the $129-$229 price points. The new GeForce 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT introduces technology previously exclusive to the…

Biostar announces new Nvidia 8600 and 8500-based graphics cards
Biostar announced its new Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21 and V8502GT21 graphics cards with support for Windows Vista and DirectX 10…

Nvidia stole a march on ATi when it launched the DirectX 10 Geforce 8800GTS andGTX chips back in October 2006. Even though the G80/8800 was a powerhouse of a chip…

 DX 10 for the Masses: Nvidia 8600 and 8500 series Launch
Incredibly high priced and high powered graphics cards are exciting. For geeks like us, learning about the newest and best hardware out there is like watching a street race between a Lambo…

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