Yesterday I decided to take the day off, no podcasts, no RSS feeds. The only thing I did was check my personal email account and watch Joost.

Well if any of you are an RSS junkie like I am you may know what happens when you do this, I return to over 1000 RSS posts since yesterday morning. Oh my, oh my. So now, I have to get through them right, of course but today I’m spending most of the day out of town shopping and that means it may take me a while to get through these.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I may miss a couple of stories that have a little bit of importance. Being disconnected really stinks, but thats OK, I don’t plan on missing them because I should be able to catch up on over the weekend. Just a warning though about the posts, they will be a little slow today and tomorrow, to focus on weeding out the boring stuff.

The Joost story will be up today but may not make it until 6:00pm or later (eastern time)