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Details about Geforce 8k series

There is some new info about the Geforce 8k series with the brand new DirectX10. Nvidia is going to be releasing 4 new cards around March time. Heres the details:

8300GS 500MHz Core 1000MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8300GT 500MHz Core 1200MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8600GT 350MHz Core 1200MHz Memory 256MB RAM
8600Ultra 500MHz Core 1400MHz Memory 512MB RAM

8300GS $79
8300GT $99
8600GT $150
8600Ultra $180

The 8600 will be built with 80nm process and have 300 million transistors. I can’t wait and might pick up a 8600GT because I’d like the nice DX10 graphics with my new Windows Vista OS box.

[via Guru3D]

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