Only 2 Posts Today

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  I only posted 2 times today as you may have noticed. I had to go do a family computer call. Had to fix some things and I ended up taking her old computer home so that I could bring it back and add a second hard drive to her new computer with all of […]

AMD Releases their first Integrated Graphics Chipset

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AMD has released the RS690 chipset this chipset is ready to become the next top dog in AMD chipsets. The video processor on it is ready for Aero Glass features in Vista and is no slouch against its competition. This is the whole reason AMD bought ATI, they wanted a piece of the integrated graphics […]

Wii Loads Game Backups with no modchip

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This looks like a pretty reliable video. But for every one of these types of videos you gotta wonder if they just have a Wii sitting underneath the table. But this seems to be for real. “A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is […]

Ms. Pac-Man Released for iPod

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Ms. Pac-Man was released today for the iPod adding to the list of games for the iPod making it a 12 games. I’m not really sure why they put this one out because it is extremely similar to regular Pacman but Ms. Pac-Man has a bow on her head, unless this was their way of […]

Corel Releases Wordperfect Lightning

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Corel has released a Beta of Wordperfect Lightning, this is a word processor that blends in some online collaberation features. It helps you organize all of the data weather it be pictures, clips of text or otherwise to help you when writing your documents. The application gives you 200MB of online storage for backing up […]

ThinkSecret Posts New Leopard Gallery

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ThinkSecret has a new gallery of the latest Leopard build up, head on over and check it out. The build looks pretty cool, but I’m actually kind of excited about the new network utility. The network utility looks really clean and a lot simpler than the old Network Utility.

Apple TV Delayed until Mid-March

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Apple has decided to push back the release of the Apple TV until Mid-March telling Reuters “Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected.”The product was first shown back in September and I guess I just don’t understand why it is taking this long. My only guess would be that […]

Tomorrow is the end of Analog

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Ok, its not exactly the end of analog but it is the last day that manufacturers can ship TVs without digital tuners in them. Tomorrow will end the shipping of TVs with just analog tuners. Manufacturers will be required to ship their TVs with digital tuners if they come with analog tuners. The only loophole […]

CoverFlow on an iPod

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Could this be real? This is supposed to be the upcoming firmware for iPods with Coverflow.

Bittorrent Launches Movie Download Portal

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Bittorrent has started a movie and tv show portal where you will be able to rent movies and buy TV shows and download them using bittorrent. In the TV show space they have launched with Comedy Central, G4, Fox, Logo, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, etc. They also have a couple of high profile movies for rent, […]

Apple iPhone “Hello” Ad

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This is the commercial that aired last night during the Academy Awards.

Hidden Details From the iPhone Keynote

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Very interesting, I’m not sure if anyone has been talking about any of these things until now.

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