New Apple Phone Rumors

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Well there was a caller on Leo Laportes radio show. I haven’t heard the audio from the show because it is not up on the internet yet but from the show notes it mentions some interesting things and some angering things as well. First off the thing that makes me mad is that it will […]

Ms. Dewey

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Ms. Dewey is a new search engine from Microsoft Live Labs and its a neat new way to search, well not really. Its just Live search with a face lift. The whole point of this search engine is that this women Ms. Dewey will talk to you while you are searching. If you wait to […]

Digg’s New Merchandise

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Well we all love Digg and if you don’t well then you should because its a great place to go for news. Well recently when Digg had its update they also released some new merchandise on Jinx. They have new T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc. I actually ended up getting one of those for Chirstmas, I […]

Curious Which ISP’s Block Bittorrent?

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On the AzureusWiki they have a list of ISP’s who have been thought to have blocked bittorrent. There are over 50 ISP’s on the list so if you are having problems with bittorrent you may want to check out the list to find out if you are using one of those ISP’s. Check out the […]

Ten Questions Apple Must Answer in 2007

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Wire Blogs “Cult of the Mac” has a great list of 10 questions Apple must answer in 2007. It has some great thoughts in it and I think that the list is pretty full. Just a taste of my favorites: Is Apple ready to compete in two new fields (Home Theater and Mobile Telephony)? What […]

New Mac Pros and Displays at January MacWorld

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Well, the isight is now dead and Quad-Core processors have debuted. Is it time for a new Mac Pro, I believe so. Now this is just speculation but wouldn’t it make sense for Apple to come out with a second configuration that is more expensive than the current Mac Pro that features 8 Cores inside. […]

Linux on a Zune

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According to Someone has managed to put Linux on a Zune, well this is something I have been talking about and had mentioned on my old blog, I think it is one of the most interesting ideas ever. Just imagine the possibilities, I think that this is one step towards making the Zune a […]

HD-DVD Encryption Cracked

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Well not really but someone did get a hold of some of the decryption keys for a few of the movies and was able to write a command line application to decrypt the DVD. The video is here. The finder of these keys announced it on the Doom 9 forums. It seems that the user […]

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